martes, 19 de julio de 2016

Podcast #01 - Michael Walsh

Guest: Michael Walsh ( / Facebook / Twitter)

Two Degrees of Separation Podcast with flute player Michael Walsh.

This is the English version of a podcast that I do in Spanish, normally speaking about traditional music with different musicians. A decent intro text will be up soon in this blog explaining the purpose of the podcast :-)

This time I had the opportunity to talk about Asturian music with Michael Walsh, a flute player from Manchester who is also doing research for his PhD on Asturian Music. It is really interesting to know how he was drawn into Asturian music from an outside perspective and, hopefully, doing similar things may rise some interest in our music.

 I try to keep it casual and not overproduced, so please excuse my blunders and occasional butchering of the English language, as I am not a native speaker. It should be more or less OK, though.

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